We strive to be the best air track mat producer all over the world

air track mat

Our airtrack is in the field of making various kinds of air track mats to the global market. With over 20 years experience in manufacturing and selling air track products, our customers are speaking highly of our products quality and excellent service.

All the air track mats are designed on the needs of the gymnast with the innovative technology and the high-grade materials, good quality products originate from good material, we focus on sourcing and buying the excellent quality materials and adopting the advanced management system to control the quality during the production process. Each mat will undergo a strict inspection before delivery to ensure airtightness and no defects. We guarantee each product is perfectly demonstrated to our customers.

There is no doubt that our mat has no volatile smell and no toxic. You don’t need to worry about any hazardous substance is involved in it to do harm to your health. Our all air tracks meet the international standard and you can buy it without any worries.

As a rule of thumb, the mat commonly has more than 7 years lifespan, but it definitely depends on how you use it and in what frequency it is used.

Our mats features on lightweight, portability and durability. It can inflate and deflate rapidly. It is easy to roll up when it is not in use, it comes in a roll-up design that you can store it easily without taking up much space. It is durable and safe, even you jump on it in repetitions, it is not worn out easily.

We offer 2 years warranty on our products covering the surface damage and seam defects.It is your valuable investment if you buy from our air track.

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