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Are you looking for an airtrack where to buy?

Are you still annoying that where to buy a good quality air track with a good price? Why not come to our wholesale air track online store to have a look? We are an air track company specialized in producing diversified air tracks to meet your demand. There are various kinds of air track with different purposes for your selection from our online store. Different sizes, shapes and colors are available here for you to choose as you need. If you cannot find any airtrack you like in our online store. It doesn’t matter, our customized service is always standby to serve you with 24 hours. You can contact our salesman and they will help you solve any problem according to your requirement. Above all, the air tumble track quote in our company surely gives you a good price.

Maybe you are new to this equipment and have no idea which one to suit your needs? Don’t worry, you can know more details here. Air track is easy to inflate by using airtrack pump, it just takes around 5 minutes for inflation and deflation. It is the perfect equipment for your outdoor activities due to the bounce surface. And how about the material? It is made of double-wall high-grade material with a number of threads connected with each other inside to strengthen the reinforcement, so thus it is more elastic than the traditional gymnastic mat and you don’t need to worry about whether to wear out easily, it is durable and bounces enough to withstand your body force when you are falling on it. Moreover, it is light-weight and portable, you can use it with multiple purposes in school, gym, dance club and sports club.

Airtrack - excellent quality and service, more than it's worth

Nowadays, to apply air tracks for gymnastics to work out is quite popular, which also become one show-off equipment for people to post on Ins or on other blog websites. No one wants to cost too much to purchase one air mat. Therefore, reasonable prices can attract customers at first sight. If you visit our official website, you will find that the air track lengths are in variety and the prices are not high.

You can also check the air track reviews on our website for reference, which will facilitate you to make a decision to order one from our online shop. Good reviews encourage our factory to do much better in manufacturing our air mats.

Although the price of our air mat is not so high, the quality of our track can be ensured. The low price comes from our high processing efficiency and new producing technology. Our service will not let you down as well. Whenever you have any issue to ask our service staff, they will offer you pleasant answers and they will try their best to help you to deal with your problems.

The surface of our air mat is skid-proof, which allows you to do exercise without worrying about skidding and injuring yourself. The water-proof material can also be cleaned with running water or soap, but you should remember to pack it after it dries. If it is wet and you pack it, it may be damaged with this kind of improper storage. You can also roll it up and take it to the place you would like to practice skills whenever you prefer.

Airtrack is the primary equipment to promote safe cheerleading practice

It is no surprise that cheerleading is a competitive activity nationally, the outstanding stunts performed by cheerleading have attracted lots of audiences, furthermore, there is a good trend of movies or camps or blogs related to cheerleading theme nowadays. A high standard is set for the cheer team, which incorporates high-level gymnastics skills and requires training and proper accessories. A series of measures are taken for the purpose of protecting cheerleading in practice. The coaches are adopting various kinds of new technology and methods to keep the athletes safe during training. Supervision is focused on cheerleading in schools, aiming at protecting the cheer team from the risk of getting hurt. Since the air mat is widely used in cheerleading training, the injury rates largely decreased these years. So, using airtrack mat in the cheerleading training is particularly important for the athletes to keep away from concussions and sprains.

Owing a high-quality cheerleading equipment is the key essential for each cheer team. A report shows that cheerleading injuries easily occur on the hard and concrete floor without any covered by the soft mats. The injuries will happen when the cheer teams are training or performing stunts, the sophisticated movements like flyer or basket tosses will cause injuries in the case of no appropriate air track.

To prevent any injuries during training, using the high-quality and proper air mat is very crucial to the cheer team, how to choose the right one to suit cheerleading practice, the difficulty and the high range of the stunts performed should be taken into first consideration, as the risk is taken in the stunts, the airtrack will be in a greater demand for their needs.

The airtrack at home with amazing quality, great bounce, and prompt delivery

If you have read through the air tracks review on our website, you will believe in our brand. Many customers of air tracks are thankful for the easy purchase and the prompt delivery. It is really a good choice for you to gift one piece to your family members or friends who are fond of exercising at home.

The sturdy and well-made air track gymnastics buy can accompany you for a very long time with proper usage and storage. Our friendly customer service will respond to your inquiries, and even call you to fix any issue that may or might occur. It is awesome for back handsprings, front handsprings, back tucks, front tucks and so on. If you are a coach, you can purchase your students to protect them from getting injured and assist them to master their skills. As for sportsman, it is really fantastic to be made use of to improve skills to try the best to win matches. Confidence cannot be built up in one day. Only by practicing diligently can one become confident and successful in the near future.

You can order a pump for it at the same time to inflate your air mat. You are able to inflate it completely within 3 minutes with a standard air mattress pump. The durable material will surely make you satisfied and there is no strange smell as well. You will gain much fun to tumble and do backflips on our bouncy air track.

How to choose airtrack for little kids

Your kids will go through a stage from crawling to a toddler, during this period, how to protect them well is the main issue that every parent should concern about. Whether your kids are just for playing or have gymnastics practice, a good quality air track gymnastics is a necessary equipment to help them stay active and safe.

Our air mat is made of the best quality material, called Double Wall Fabric (DWF), consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per M2!), high-grade vinyl, durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin, from the perspective of keeping kids in safety, we assure that our airtrack is 100% non-smell, non-toxic and friendly environmental, kids usually like to put things into their mouths, they even lick it or eat it or put their faces over it, likewise, the mat is no exception, each air track has undergone strict test before delivery and reach international standard, there are no hazardous chemicals in it to do harm to the kids’ health, it is a safe product to make sure you never regret to get one for your kids.

It is sturdy and supportive, even your kids jump on it in repetitive frequency, they still stay in the original place and won’t slide around as you thought.

Since the mat you buy is for your little kids, maintenance is very important that will keep your mat clean and look like a new one as before. If you discovered the mat is dirty and filthy, it is simple to clean it by using a wet cloth or a mop, then the filth is taken down very easily.

The main function for kids with the mat is to play, tumble, or gymnastics practice like front walkovers, backbends or handstands, the mat is widely applicable to all kinds of activities, the versatile gymnastic tumble track is an ideal item for your kids, it is highly recommendable.