Airtrack is an incredible equipment to make floor exercise effectively

air track

We are a professional air track that can give you an affordable price and good quality air track products which help you to save much more money compared to retail shops. Our products are constructed well in long lifespan which is made of high-grade materials to make it become a valuable investment. We committed that all orders will be shipped within 7 working days, and excellent customer service is sure to provide to you to meet your satisfaction. Go to find a suitable air track for you now and you will experience a superior service at the same time.

The airtracks are consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per M2!). To make sure the surface is durable and stable to withstand any impact produced by gymnastics athletes, which offer support to the athletes and protect them well from the risk of being injured. It won’t bottom out easily even if you jump in repetitive times on it. All the products have undergone a strict test in many times and meet the international standards.

As we are a factory, all the air track mats are produced by us and then directly sell it to our customers, which makes our price more competitive than our competitors.

Our fast shipment always wins customers’ good reviews, you can receive your order within 12 working days after payment, all products are well packaged in free shipping, you don’t need to worry that any damage will occur in the transition.

Our excellent customer service will help you to choose the right air track mat and assist you how to place orders to us.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, you will get a fantastic inflatable mat for your exercise.

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