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Tips for your new students in gymnastics class with air tracks online

If you are a gymnastics coach, it seems to be normal that if there are new students who do not know the rules and skills in your class. To help your students to learn gymnastics more easily and more relaxed. Here we will show you some tips for making your class fun and easy. It suits well for any learner at different ages.

The students who haven’t participated in gymnastics class previously must know some basic terms in their class. This is very important to help them to learn gymnastics skills. If they can understand the basic terms like raising tiptoe, hurdling and toes pointing, etc. They would get better understand on their coach’s instruction, which will help them master what they learn easily and get to know how to correct the skills when making mistakes.

Rules should be made in class to let new students know when they are in their first class. Such as they are not allowed to wear shoes or put their water bottles on the air track tumble track. If your students know the rules, no one dares to disobey it.

Remind them constantly of the airtrack gymnastics skills and anything else. They should remember what should be done on each station and have the concepts of each movement.
1. They should know the importance of using air mat in their gymnastics training so that they would understand the safety is paramount to assure them perform each skill smoothly.
2. Body coordination and using muscle strength should be known to the new students, as this is very important to help them improve their skill level. Repeated practice is a good way to master gymnastics techniques.