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Some tricks for how to use airtracks gymnastics

Air track features bounce and elasticity, it can be used for doing gymnastics exercise, martial art, cheerleading and various kinds of jumps.
You can complete any type of jumps in the air safely without fearing of accidental falls. Its flexible surface helps you to bounce higher with power and energy. You also can use the airtrack on water.

The pressure in the airtrack can be changed to adjust the elasticity of the air track. The air track feels tough under the maximum pressure, however, if the pressure is lowered down, it feels softer and much more flexible. The suitable pressure can be found via the test of different pressure level. The air track is a reliable product to prevent any injuries when you are landing, as the soft surface is a good protection to protect you from any risk happening during your exercise.

With the excellent air mat, any tricks, jumps and flips can be done whatever indoor or outdoor. You can take it any place conveniently and start your exercise anytime and anywhere.

Airtrack also is a good place for martial art and parkour, you are guaranteed to practice any new trick securely and have no worry of facing danger.

Portability, durability, easy inflation and deflation are the main features of the mat, it can be taken outside such as on the beach, on the grass or in the swimming pool. No matter in what place, air mat is able to offer you a safe and comfortable environment to do your favourite sport without any risk of getting hurt. Additionally, you can learn the basic skills from our air track videos.

Now, take your amazing mat with you and go to the place you like to begin exercise in high efficiency.