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Air track for the pool is a floating mat for water activities

Have you known that water activities have become popular sports for sports lover when summer is coming? Water Yoga and gymnastics are particularly are the favorite activity for the adults and children to keep them cool in summer.

About inflatable tumble tracks, maybe you are new to this product. It is an inflatable mat which is constructed by high-grade vinyl with drop-stitch in double-wall. Its dimensions like length, width and thickness can be customized according to your needs. What’s more, the shape and color also can be chosen and designed to meet your requirements. All the air tracks have been going through strict test and then get the qualified to deliver to every customer. It is non-smell, non-toxic and environmentally friendly so that your whole family can enjoy it without worries.

It is easy to set up the inflatable air track, inflation and deflation can be done within one minute, you just need to inflate it with the feet air pump then a perfect air mat will be built to serve you well immediately. The pressure inside can be maintained for long hours, so you don’t have to get it inflated from time to time. You also can adjust the pressure according to your weight and skill levels. After deflation, it can be rolled up and then stored it in a small corner of your room and in the back of your car. It is widely applicable to gymnastic training, fitness club, home entertainment or parkour training. Additionally, it can be used on water due to its water-proof feature. Therefore, it is an ideal product to help you do your favorite sports on the water. Kids always like to make it become a funny floating mat in the swimming pool to beat the summer heat.