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Multi-purpose air gym mat substitutes common yoga mat and sponge mat

With the improvement of people's attention to physical health, in the current fitness supplies, gymnastics mats have been widely used in gyms, family fitness, and sports teaching places. When it comes to doing exercises or some activities, mats become inseparable. The general yoga mat and sponge mat are gradually replaced by a multi-functional inflatable gymnastics track. The yoga mat is too thin, which can only do a kind of activity, yoga. Sponge pad density is low, which can only be used for unstable protective pad protection. However, the inflatable gymnastics mat is made of imported material with the proper thickness, various colors, strong protection, high air density. It is safe and stable, soft and comfortable, and you can finish a wide range of activities with the help with tumble mats for home.

Inflatable gymnastics mat has a variety of sports functions. The squishy gymnastics mats are suitable for taekwondo, somersault, yoga, martial arts, dancing, floating, and other activities as well, which are quite easy to carry. With complete functions, it is really worth purchasing. It can play a protective role in sports, and its durable, anti-aging, anti-static and other benefits are widely welcome by users. It can also be customized according to your needs when you need a certain quantity of our mats. You can now place an order online or consult our service stuff to get professional suggestions.