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More exercise is better for early childhood with an airtrack beam

Focusing on the healthy growth for a child below five years old is the responsibility of each parent. A child should spend less time in sitting and facing mobile device’s screen, on the contrary, they should obtain more sleep in high quality and spend more time to take part in physical activity for their healthy development. The rapid development stage for a child is the early childhood, the healthy lifestyle of a family contributes a lot in boosting health gains.

Research shows that a child below five years old should participate in physical activity in with various kinds of ways, especially go through the interactive floor game. It is not recommended to face the screen with a long sedentary time for a one-year-old child. The sedentary time should be limited within one hour for those children in two years old. Parents should encourage their children to listen to the story and engage in reading during the sedentary time. Owning 11 to 14 hours of high-quality sleep is necessary for them. Children aged three to four years old should spend no less than 180 minutes taking part in different kinds of physical activities.

Parents always worry about their children when they are exercising or playing on the floor, however, there is an ideal product which is able to give them full protection when they engaging in floor activity, this great product is an excellent tumble track beam. Air track is a kind of soft cushion to protect your child from getting an injury. It is constructed by high-grade vinyl, in which thousands of threads are connected with each other to strengthen the reinforcement on the surface. So, even if your child is falling down accidentally, air track beam rightly offers a safe environment to the child and reduce the chances of getting hurt.