How to choose airtrack for little kids


Your kids will go through a stage from crawling to a toddler, during this period, how to protect them well is the main issue that every parent should concern about. Whether your kids are just for playing or have gymnastics practice, a good quality air track gymnastics is a necessary equipment to help them stay active and safe.

Our air mat is made of the best quality material, called Double Wall Fabric (DWF), consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per M2!), high-grade vinyl, durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin, from the perspective of keeping kids in safety, we assure that our airtrack is 100% non-smell, non-toxic and friendly environmental, kids usually like to put things into their mouths, they even lick it or eat it or put their faces over it, likewise, the mat is no exception, each air track has undergone strict test before delivery and reach international standard, there are no hazardous chemicals in it to do harm to the kids’ health, it is a safe product to make sure you never regret to get one for your kids.

It is sturdy and supportive, even your kids jump on it in repetitive frequency, they still stay in the original place and won’t slide around as you thought.

Since the mat you buy is for your little kids, maintenance is very important that will keep your mat clean and look like a new one as before. If you discovered the mat is dirty and filthy, it is simple to clean it by using a wet cloth or a mop, then the filth is taken down very easily.

The main function for kids with the mat is to play, tumble, or gymnastics practice like front walkovers, backbends or handstands, the mat is widely applicable to all kinds of activities, the versatile gymnastic tumble track is an ideal item for your kids, it is highly recommendable.

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