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We strive to be the best air track mat producer all over the world

Our airtrack is in the field of making various kinds of air track mats to the global market. With over 20 years experience in manufacturing and selling air track products, our customers are speaking highly of our products quality and excellent service.

All the air track mats are designed on the needs of the gymnast with the innovative technology and the high-grade materials, good quality products originate from good material, we focus on sourcing and buying the excellent quality materials and adopting the advanced management system to control the quality during the production process. Each mat will undergo a strict inspection before delivery to ensure airtightness and no defects. We guarantee each product is perfectly demonstrated to our customers.

There is no doubt that our mat has no volatile smell and no toxic. You don’t need to worry about any hazardous substance is involved in it to do harm to your health. Our all air tracks meet the international standard and you can buy it without any worries.

As a rule of thumb, the mat commonly has more than 7 years lifespan, but it definitely depends on how you use it and in what frequency it is used.

Our mats features on lightweight, portability and durability. It can inflate and deflate rapidly. It is easy to roll up when it is not in use, it comes in a roll-up design that you can store it easily without taking up much space. It is durable and safe, even you jump on it in repetitions, it is not worn out easily.

We offer 2 years warranty on our products covering the surface damage and seam defects.It is your valuable investment if you buy from our air track.

Select the best air track mat for your home exercise

When you are busy with your work and feel sluggish in doing sports, it is a good idea to buy an air track floor to help you practice at home. It is convenient and economical for you to do gymnastics exercise at home instead of going out to a gym which will save your time and money on it. Superior quality air track mat is comfortable and safe for you that will definitely encourage you to boost your skills in an effective way.

Owning a good airtrack will ensure to turn your any room of your home to a standard place similar to gym club, which offers you a professional training and enjoyable experience.

Everyone will consider carefully to create a safe environment to exercise at home before buying an air track equipment, you may first consider what size is fit for your room at home, however, worries on the size are unnecessary, as the size is customized to suit your needs, moreover, the color is greatly optional for your preference. The most important is that you should buy a thick mat which can provide a support to you in performing various kinds of movements and assure to prevent any injuries during your training.

Since the thickness and dimension are the main factors you must consider before you buy an air track, then you may think about the price. There is no doubt that our factory is sure to offer you a competitive price in air track, factory price is above 10% cheaper than the physical shop, also the shipment is fast to make sure the product will deliver to you in your expected time.

Last but not least, we are dedicated to the quality of our product that is impeccable and you will probably find all the drop stitch is handmade by our expert team. You will never regret to get an awesome air track from our factory.

You will find the value of air track mat

When you go to the gym club or have gymnastics lesson in school, you may notice that each gymnastics athlete are performing various of movements on a soft cushion, this is an air tumble track which is particularly designed for gymnastics exercise to prevent the athletes to get injuries during training, it has soft and smooth surface that you can land on safely and comfortably, you never fear being bruised and wounds when you are doing high-level exercise, it will protect you well to keep you away from the risk of being hurt.

You may think that if you want to have an air track for yourself, where you should go to buy it, physical shop or online shop? There is no doubt that it is a good idea to buy it from an airtrack, which can save you more than 10% on expense in purchasing from a physical shop or retail shop online. You are very lucky to be here to read this passage, here we are the right air track mat factory with above 20 years experience in producing and selling inflatable products, as the combination of manufacturing and selling, we are capable of making different types of air tracks to suit your various needs.

The size is customized to meet your requirement according to your gymnastics level and disciplines, the color also is greatly optional for you to choose. You never worry you cannot find the right air track for your needs here, all the products are designed and made to your preference. From production to sales are integrated into being served for the customers’ needs, “customers come first” is our goal to drive us to develop innovative products constantly.

Our airtrack offers you the best air track for home use

Are you looking for an ideal mat to perfect your floor exercise? Maybe you are collecting the different information by browsing a number of websites which is relevant to air tracks. Have you found the right one to fit for yourself? If not yet, enter our website to view various kinds of our air track products to find the right one for you. The best mat is a necessary equipment for you to exercise at home, especially you are a workout freak.

Our air track mat is made of double wall fabric material and high-grade PVC tarpaulin, due to the reinforcement made for all seams, the air track is 100% airtight and durable. Aside from the edge of the mat, you never find any stitched seam on it, the stability and elasticity reach the standards required in regular exercise. The dimension and color can be customized to meet the users’ needs. There are great options on the size and color in the different design.

Inflatable mat is used throughout the world, the majority of the users are professional gymnasts, sports enthusiasts, dancers and trainers. Choose a super mat for your daily exercise and you can utilize it at any time as it is always ready for you. Go to get several pieces of air tracks for your home, which will definitely provide you the great foundation of your workout routine.

You will find more added value from the air track as soon as you put it to use, such a multi-functional product can be placed anywhere, on the backyard, on grass, beach or water, but remember to make sure there are no sharp things or fire around it to cause a danger.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the price, it is an affordable air track made by our factory, which is easy to fit into your budget.