Air track is the basic tool for all kinds of activities

air track

Air track is the fundamental equipment for all kinds of activities, if it is only used in gymnastics practices, that would be a waste on their multiple functions. It is widely applicable to wrestle, tumble, jump or other rough movements, also it is fit for yoga, Pilates or any other special exercise. The main function of the air mat is to provide a soft cushion between the users and the hard floor, which aims at preventing any injury during practicing. The surface is thick enough so that it is durable, supportive and shock-absorbing to withstand any impact produced by the users’ body in case of the unexpected falling. Our high-quality air mat reach the international standard have undergone a strict test before delivery, so you don’t need to worry about our quality, just go ahead and get the right one for yourself.

The inflatable mat comes in different dimensions at reasonable airtrack prices, which can meet your various kinds of needs, little kids just use it for play, they don’t need much space, so the smaller one can satisfy them, while a young gymnast who intends to level up their gymnastics skills, the one with more length and width to create more space can suit their needs according to the skill levels. Furthermore, if a single mat cannot satisfy your requirement, it’s better to buy two or more mats and connect them together to make a large area for practice.

If the space in your room is limited, the air track is easy to carry to outside for play or practice, it works great no matter indoor or outdoor.

You never find a mat in an excellent quality at a competitive price anywhere else, the durable and comfortable air mat for tumbling we offer can be used in all kinds of activities, you are sure to find the one to fit for yourself from our website.

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