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Amy Kramer
Awesome Product

I got the 20ft Mint Green Airtrack for my daughter's birthday and let me say she LOVES it! She has used it more for a slip and slide since it's been so hot lately but it's been a hit! Shipping was super fast.

Cara Fedder
Excellent product! Will buy again!

A couple of months ago I purchased the 20 foot Mint Green Air Track for my 15 year old daughter. I was so impressed with the quality that I purchased a 10 foot air track a few weeks later. (I can honestly say that I see the purchase of a P1 air track in my near future.) The air tracks are easy to inflate and hold their air pressure. The available air pump inflates the air track quickly to a nice firm pressure. The pump can also be used to deflate the track when it needs to be moved. Carrying and storage is easy with the provided bag, although to be honest, both of our air tracks are always inflated so we only use the bags to move the track from one spot to another---never stored. The track itself is made of a high quality material. The surface provides excellent traction for confident bouncing and flipping. Although purchased for my teenage daughter, the air tracks have been a source of family bonding and extremely hilarious memories as all members of the family have "shown their SKILLS" on the air track. (Some more than others...ha ha!) I love these air tracks!

Lisa Sebastyn
So worth it!

The mint green/grey 27x6x8 P2 tumble track is the best! Easy inflation/deflation. It’s a little on the heavy side when storing it but that doesn’t outweigh the tons of fun benefits! The 6 ft width is really great too because it allows the kids to feel safer tumbling. They feel more secure by having more room if they travel to the sides. To sum it up...LOVE!!

Patricia McMillen
Mint Green 20 Ft Airtrack Tumble Mat

4 stars for the product. It did not get 5 stars because I had to order the pump separately and I thought the total price of the mat was a expensive.

Kaelyn Anthony
20 FT Mint green

I purchased this item for my daughter birthday and she loves it. The quality is great and it is better than I expected.